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Giving Opportunities

The Stilwell Retirement Residence is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts made to Stilwell qualify as charitable deductions to the extent provided by law. While donors generally give for the benefit of the retired educators and residents of Stilwell as well as to honor lifetimes dedicated to education, the tax advantages of charitable contributions can be an added attraction.

Currently, there are several avenues available to support our mission:

The "Ten for Teachers" Campaign is the current emphasis for capital improvements of our long-range comprehensive renovation plan. Originally launched to complete the funding for the final stage of the heating and air conditioning project, "Ten for Teachers" gifts now fund current and future improvement projects.

The Kate Bell Residents Assistance Fund is maintained to ensure that individuals with limited resources who could not otherwise afford our reasonable monthly costs will continue to enjoy the services and amenities of living at Stilwell.

The Residents Activity Fund is utilized at the discretion of the Residents Council for projects beyond the scope of Stilwell's budget that enhance the experience of residency.

The Library Fund helps provide a wide selection of large print books to sustain residents' enjoyment of literature. (The expansion of the Library completed in April 2006, was a vital component of our long-range improvements.)

Stilwell's Endowment Fund, generally funded through wills and bequests, prudently invests principal with the stipulation that only the interest from the fund may be used for the benefit of Stilwell residents, a provision that has been faithfully honored by the Board of Trustees.