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About Stilwell Retirement

Stilwell Retirement Residence is an independent living facility in Waco Texas. The Texas Retired Teachers Residence Corporation was chartered in 1958 as a private non-profit charitable organization by nine visionary women.  The purpose of the corporation was to construct, provide, and maintain a residence primarily for retired teachers of Texas and their spouses, as well as to provide the type of residence that would be a memorial to all retired educators of Texas.

After extensive planning, the corporation opened the residence in 1964.  It was named for Henry W. Stilwell, a founding trustee and tireless advocate for Texas’ teachers.  Sadly, Mr. Stilwell died before his dream became a reality.  The Stilwell family has continued to be involved and supportive of the work which Henry Stilwell began.

Purposeful Non-Profit

Stilwell is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. (EIN 74-1492082)

As a locally operated non-profit, we are not reporting to stockholders or concerned about meeting corporate financial goals.  We are in the business of serving the people who have now made Stilwell their home.

Stilwell’s Endowment Fund prudently invests principal and part of the interest which this fund earns is used to benefit our residents.

Stilwell receives numerous donations.  These donors generally give to benefit various new and/or ongoing projects:

* Kate Bell Residents’ Assistance Fund ensures that those with limited resources can continue to live at Stilwell.

* Library Fund provides a wide selection of large print books to sustain residents’ enjoyment of literature.

* Residents Activity Fund is utilized at the discretion of the Residents Council for projects beyond the scope of Stilwell’s operating budget that enhance the experience of residency

* Improvement Projects Fund goes to ongoing efforts to modernize Stilwell’s physical plant.

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What Do Our Residents Say?

Jean Garner retired with 29 years of teaching experience. “I really like the people here.  Being around so many other retired educators gives us something special in common. I’m just a big fan of Stilwell.”.

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