Retirement Living in Waco, Texas

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Financial assistance might be available. To request such assistance, a written statement as to a person’s income, expenses, and capital assets must be submitted to the Stilwell Board of Trustees. Any request for financial assistance will be strictly confidential.

1. Complete and return application to Stilwell
2.) Wait to be contacted about room availability.
3.) Once contacted, schedule a personal interview with the Stilwell administration.
4.) Decide to move in, and prepare to do so.
5.) Complete Admissions Agreement, Medical Information Sheet, and Designation of Responsible Party.
6.) Arrange for payment of your first bill.


What Do Our Residents Say?

Jean Garner retired with 29 years of teaching experience. “I really like the people here.  Being around so many other retired educators gives us something special in common. I’m just a big fan of Stilwell.”.

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