Retirement Living in Waco, Texas


“I often volunteer to give tours for visitors and folks that are considering moving to Stilwell. Being a retired teacher from Oklahoma who moved here to be close to my daughter’s family, I describe life at Stilwell “like living on a cruise ship. I have a comfortable stateroom with great service and fantastic dining—and I’m never seasick!”
“When I first moved into Stilwell, I boldly announced I was “the best domino player in nine counties.” I lamented, ‘They have routinely shown me differently.'”
“I had to eat my own cooking after my wife died. Stilwell’s cooking beats mine all to pieces.”
“The ladies in the kitchen are so nice. They really work hard to please our every need. And after being an elementary school principal for 22 years, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”
“We are here to help and serve our residents. Plus I like them. Work is easier when you like the people you are working for.”
“Della Whatley began her thirty-year career in education in the Waco public schools. Della was an administrator that voted for the creation of Stilwell and was on hand fifty five years ago for the groundbreaking and dedication. “So many of my colleagues retired, and I would visit them at Stilwell. Plus my mother lived here for a few years about 20 years ago. I never dreamed that I would be a resident, but it has always seemed like my second home.” When Della did move to Stilwell, she gratefully boasted that “it was already home”.
“As a long-time educator in Texas, I feel especially blessed to have the privilege of living in this attractive facility that is operated so well.”
“I really like the people here. Being around so many other retired educators gives us something special in common. I’m just a big fan of Stilwell.”
“While I was 45 minutes halfway between each daughter, I didn’t know a soul in Waco. But suddenly, I had friends galore!”
Faye Wingate, a retired primary school special education teacher, and her tablemates gathered around their table in the dining room and greeted each other warmly. Then they joined hands as is their custom, and bowed their heads to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Each one of them has a lifetime of rich memories and experiences to be thankful for, but this prayer was one of gratitude for their current blessings.
“Stilwell has provided me with everything I need in life. Food, shelter, and a wife.” (Past performance does not guarantee future results.)
“After my wife passed, and I was living out on the ranch all by myself, I decided it would be a good idea to move in and be around other people.”
“At this time in my life, I feel like Stilwell is the perfect place for me. And I immediately felt at home once I moved in.”
“I was so ready to move into Stilwell. I was tired of doing yard work. I was tired of cleaning house. Here I have my own yardman. I have my own chef. I have my own cleaning lady. What more could you work for? The first night, I slept like a baby. It was just what I needed.”
“There was a time when (my wife) Dorothy and I had been in our house of 47 years. Perhaps we didn’t have to move here, but it was a good time for us to do so.”

What Do Our Residents Say?

Jean Garner retired with 29 years of teaching experience. “I really like the people here.  Being around so many other retired educators gives us something special in common. I’m just a big fan of Stilwell.”.

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